Ramón Allones

Ramón Allones Private Stock 230 Released in the U.K.

The 2020 Edición Regional for the United Kingdom is finally arriving at stores.

Ramón Allones 8-9-8 (ER Alemania 2014)

Seven years ago, the Ramón Allones 8-9-8 returned to shelves in Germany as a limited edition release. It was reviewed in mid-2016 and the results were mixed, but now the cigar has had ample rest in the humidor.

Ramón Allones Private Stock 230 Debuts in Limited Edition Hunters & Frankau Humidor

Inside each humidor is 61 cigars, including one that dates back to 2005 and 10 of the latest regional release for Great Britain.

Ramón Allones Noellas Arrives in Italy

The Edición Regional is a corona-sized cigar that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Diadema S.p.A., the Italian distributor of Habanos S.A. products.

Ramón Allones Petit Allones (ER Andorra 2013)

While a tiny country, Andorra has a sizable list of Edición Regional releases.

Ramón Allones 40 Carat Arrives in The Netherlands

A new Edición Regional has arrived in The Netherlands as the first batch of the Ramón Allones 40 Carat Edición Regional Paises Bajos (2020) has…

Ramón Allones King of North (ER Nordicos-Balticos 2020)

After a preview to cigar clubs in September, the Ramón Allones King of North was released on Oct. 1, 2021 to stores in eight countries…

Ramón Allones King of North Debuts in Baltic & Nordic Regions

The third Edición Regional for the Baltic and Nordic regions is getting a preview this month at cigar clubs across the region. It’s called the…

Ramón Allones Sr. Henry Honors Heinrich Villiger

Last year, Heinrich Villiger turned 90-years-old, which of course calls for a special cigar. Villiger, who is the chairman of the Switzerland-based Villiger cigar empire,…

Ramón Allones Perfecto Edición Regional Mexico Arrives at Stores

The Ramón Allones Perfecto, a new Edición Regional for Mexico, has made its way to retail shelves after getting a launch party on Thursday evening….

Ramón Allones No. 2 (EL 2019)

Amongst Habanos S.A.’s massive portfolio of Cuban cigars, there are various series that produce new, limited releases every year. The largest source of new releases…