Prometheus Ships OpusX Rare Black Double Corona

Prometheus has announced that it has begun shipping the Fuente Fuente OpusX Heaven and Earth Rare Black Double Corona. It’s the second size for the...
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Prometheus Adds Three-Finger Metal Ashtrays

Prometheus has begun shipping a new version of its metal ashtray, now designed to hold up to three cigars. The Prometheus Three Grooves ashtray is...
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Prometheus Adds OpusX Rare Black Double Corona for 2020 Fuente Aged Selection Release

The November 2020 release of the Fuente Aged Selection—a project between Arturo Fuente and Prometheus—will have a new version of the OpusX Rare Black. There...
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OpusX Purple Rain

“I only wanted to see you smoking a Purple Rain…” That’s not what Prince sang, nor is this rare release from Prometheus even said to...
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OpusX Rare Black

Back in May, Prometheus began shipping the newest incarnations of its OpusX Serie Heaven and Earth, which included one new blend as part of the four different...
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IPCPR 2019: Prometheus

Having covered the Prometheus booth four out of the last five years, I consider myself somewhat familiar with the company’s offerings every year for the...
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OpusX Purple Rain Returns to Stores; Rare Black Added to Heaven and Earth Series

The latest batch of OpusX Serie Heaven and Earth is heading to select stores, with three returning releases and one new cigar. That new cigar...
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Prometheus God of Fire Edición Limitada Magma X

In the past few years, there has been a steadily expanding number of entries into a specific subset of cigar lighter: flat flame torches. Instead...
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Prometheus Ships OpusX Purple Rain, 2018 Fuente Aged Selection

One of the two annual shipments of the Fuente Aged Selection began heading to stores last week. As part of that shipment, there’s an all-new addition...
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IPCPR 2018: Prometheus

One company I look forward to every year is easy to spot from afar: Prometheus, whose booth is always full of amazing looking products, including...
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Prometheus Expanding Fuente Heaven & Earth Series

Last year, Prometheus showed off a Heaven and Earth Series that included special sizes of Fuente Fuente OpusX, now that series expands with more cigars...
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