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La Palina 125 Años

La Palina Announces Price Increase for Several Lines

The increase will apply to several lines, but not all of the company’s cigars are being affected.

PCA 2022: La Palina

La Palina went digging in its archives for its headlining releases at the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, with some other surprises in stores as well.

La Palina 125 Años

The La Palina 125 Años honors the 125th anniversary of the cigar company that played a crucial role in the history of CBS. It’s also perhaps the only $25 cigar to ever be offered in bundles of 37.

La Palina Ships 125 Años, Schedules Revamped KB Line to Ship Next Week

Both a new line and a revamped line from La Palina will soon be showing up in humidors, as the company has begun shipping its…

PCA 2021: Top 3 Things — Brooks Whittington

The first PCA Convention & Trade Show is in the books—although our coverage will continue for another couple of days or so—and as we have…

PCA 2021: La Palina

There are a number of booths that I look forward to covering every year, and La Palina is definitely on the list. The company has…

La Palina Introducing 125 Años at PCA 2021

La Palina is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and not only is it releasing a new cigar, it’s doing so with the help of Oliva Cigar…