Jas Sum Kral

Jas Sum Kral Announces Nuggless as March Release

If you’ve ever wanted to try Jas Sum Kral’s Nuggs line without the CBD oil infusion, you will soon have the opportunity to do so...
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Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Kine Puro Selection Jack Herer

Amongst the list of “interesting cigars” from the last couple years, few would rival any of the entries from Jas Sum Kral’s Nuggs line. In...
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Jas Sum Kral’s THC Infused Cigar Goes on Sale

First Jas Sum Kral made a cigar infused with CBD, now it’s selling a cigar infused with THC. The company has begun selling the Jas...
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Jas Sum Kral Fuck the FDA

When it comes to reactions to both the idea of and the implementation of regulations of premium cigars by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration...
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Jas Sum Kral Ships Söta Kakor for Sweden

Jas Sum Kral’s exclusive for Sweden is now shipping. Söta Kakor, Swedish for sweet cookies, is a 5 1/2 x 48 vitola that uses a three-year-old...
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Jas Sum Kral’s Fuck the FDA Cigar Debuts

After quite a bit of teasing, the Jas Sum Kral Fuck the FDA cigar is shipping to stores nationally. The cigar, which is inspired by...
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Trio of Jas Sum Kral Cigars Debuting This Weekend

This Saturday, Golde Leaf Cigar Lounge of Hobart, Ind. will host the 5th Ristefari, an event dedicated to Jas Sum Kral and name after its...
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Jas Sum Kral Adds Australian Distribution

Jas Sum Kral will now be available in Australia. The company has announced a new distribution deal with Westside Vapes & Tobacco of Sydney. Jas Sum...
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Jas Sum Kral Plans 5 Year Reserva for November

Jas Sum Kral is celebrating its fifth anniversary and that means it’s time for a cigar to celebrate The Jas Sum Kral 5 Year Reserva,...
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Jas Sum Kral Signs Distribution for Lebanon

Jas Sum Kral has announced that most of its products will be available in Lebanon later this year. The company has signed a distribution deal...
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Jas Sum Kral Plans “Fuck the FDA” for TPE 2020

Jas Sum Kral is doing it. After a bit of teasing, the company says that it will sell a new line of cigars called “Fuck...
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