HVC Cigars

HVC Ships Pan Caliente

Today, HVC’s hot cakes head to stores. It’s not that the company is venturing into food, rather, it’s HVC’s new release, Pan Caliente. The name...
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HVC Launching Pan Caliente Next Month

Selling like hot cakes. Or that’s the hope at least. It’s also the inspiration behind the latest cigar from HVC Cigars, Pan Caliente, Spanish for hot cakes....
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HVC Vieja Cosecha No.2

Into its third year, HVC Cigars released its second special limited release, the Vieja Cosecha No.2. The first iteration, the Vieja Cosecha No.1, was shown...
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HVC Plans Cigar for Black Friday

There are cigars for just about every holiday, so why not a shopping holiday. Next month, HVC Cigars will release HVC Black Friday, a limited...
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HVC Edición Especial 2015 Toro

Fresh off the shipping of the HVC La Rosa 520 in mid-May, Reinier Lorenzo announced his next project, a regular production addition to the company’s...
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HVC La Rosa 520

The entire brand concept behind HVC Cigars is Havana. Founder Reinier Lorenzo was born in Havana before coming over to the U.S. a few years...
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IPCPR 2015: HVC Cigars

Each year, it seems HVC Cigars is getting bigger. This year, Reinier Lorenzo’s booth was big enough for him to have a couch. He was also...
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HVC La Rosa 520 Shipping This Week

The latest from HVC Cigars will be on its way to retailers this week. Reinier Lorenzo confirmed to halfwheel that the HVC La Rosa 520 will...
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HVC Vieja Cosecha No.2 Slated for IPCPR 2015

Last year there was a Vieja Cosecha No.1, this year there’s a Vieja Cosecha No.2. The Vieja Cosecha is HVC Cigars’ limited edition series. The...
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HVC Pays Tribute With La Rosa 520

There are many cigar brands that have their roots in Cuba, even younger cigarmakers who have their own roots—but there aren’t many of the latter...
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HVC Vieja Cosecha No.1

At the 2014 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show in July, HVC Cigar Co. released its first blend produced in Honduras, the HVC Vieja Cosecha No.1....
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