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Casa Turrent 1880 Claro

PCA 2022: Casa Turrent

The Casa Turrent Serie 1880 line is getting a packaging makeover and a new limited edition.

Casa Turrent Ships 1880 Lanceros and Robustos

For fans of lanceros and Mexican tobacco, it’s about to be a very good time as Casa Turrent has begun shipping the vitola in the…

PCA 2021: Casa Turrent

Instead of rolling out a new line or limited edition this year, Casa Turrent is adding some four new sizes to each of the four…

Casa Turrent’s 1880 Lines Adding New Vitolas

The Casa Turrent 1880 line will be adding new sizes to each of its four blends, with the cigars being launched at the 2021 PCA…

Casa Turrent Ships New 1880 Lines to Retailers

Casa Turrent has begun shipping the four newest cigars in its 1880 line, sending the first shipments of the Maduro, Oscuro, Colorado and Claro extensions…

Casa Turrent Adds Four Lines to 1880 Series (Update)

Casa Turrent has announced four new lines for its 1880 series, showing the cigars off at the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) trade show this week….