1502 Serious Cigar (Prerelease)

Over the years, specific cigars have been produced to commemorate any number of things: people, events, dogs and specific places; a new blend from 1502...
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1502 XO

The latest release from Global Premium Cigar’s 1502 brand, the annual limited edition cigar called XO, has been on the radar of the cigar world...
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1502 Nicaragua Churchill

A little over a year ago, Enrique Sánchez released the latest addition to his growing 1502 Cigars portfolio, the 1502 Nicaragua. Released in a single...
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1502 Black Gold Corona

A long time ago, on a day far far away, Global Premium Cigars announced that it was adding two smaller ring gauge sizes to their...
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1502 Nicaragua Robusto (Prerelease)

The latest addition to the 1502 portfolio is expected some time in the next two months. It’s called 1502 Nicaragua, an obvious tribute to founder...
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1502 Ruby Lancero

It’s not uncommon these days for manufacturers to make a lancero addition to their lineup, though what we tend to see is either a single...
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1502 Black Gold Lancero (Prerelease)

The 1502 Black Gold is the strongest of the company’s three lines. Currently offered in four vitolas, the company will be adding a 5 1/2...
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