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Vector-KGM Announces New Cielo Lighter

It’s a new slim, single-torch option that will work at elevations up to 12,000 feet.

Vector Adds Four More UV Color Options to Bishop Line

There are nine new UV options for the Bishop, a compact, flat flame lighter.

Vector Switch Slated for Early 2024 (Update)

The Switch is highlighted by a user-swappable cutter that can go from a straight cut to a v-cut.

Vector Bishop Gets New UV Finishes

It’s the third lighter in the company’s portfolio to get the new scratch resistant, UV colorways.

Vector-KGM Adding Seven New Fade Colors for Warrior Lighter

Vector is bringing its new fade color design to its popular—and high-powered—Warrior lighter.

Vector-KGM Releases New Colors for Robusto & Legend Lighters, Ships Crystal Ashtrays

Two lighters get some new colors, and the company’s crystal ashtrays are available after a delay.

Vector-KGM Adds New Color Options for Several Lighters

Vector-KGM continues to roll out new colors for a number of lighters in its portfolio, as this weekend the company announced new options for the…

Vector-KGM Releases New Colors for Five Lighters

The Alpha, Empire, Jetz, Apex and Throne lighters are getting some new color options.