Room101 Daruma

Room101 Daruma Nappy B Torpedo

Back in 2012, Matt Booth released his annual limited edition for Room101, a new blend called Daruma that uses a Ecuadorian habano wrapper, as well as...
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Room101 Daruma Gold Sucio

In mid-April, Room101 announced a follow-up to the original Daruma, the Daruma Gold. The new blend is not only being released in the same five...
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Room101 Daruma Gold Coming This Month

Room101’s gold theme is continuing. The company has announced the Room101 Daruma Gold will begin shipping April 30. Daruma Gold is a follow-up to the...
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Weekly News (February 6, 2012)

Editor’s Note: This one is pretty simple. There are some technical issues plaguing the site currently. We know of two somewhat major issues. First and...
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