Quality Importers Trading Co.

Palió Vesuvio

After being asked what my favorite cigar is, the next most common question is likely what my favorite lighter is. That question is also usually...
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XIKAR Releases Updated Pipeline Lighter

An updated version of the XIKAR Pipeline soft flame lighter is on its way to retailers. Quality Importers has announced that it has given the...
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Whiff Industries Adds Odor Eliminating Reed Diffusers and Wax Melts

Whiff Industries is adding a pair of new products that are designed to help rid an area of odors, including cigar smoke, as part of...
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Stinky Ashtray Collection Gains New Colors

Three Stinky ashtray lines will add a combined 13 new colorways thanks to new color options. The original Stinky Ashtray, the ubiquitous 8-inch model with four...
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Palió Vesuvio Begins Shipping

The new triple-flame Palió Vesuvio is off to stores. Quality Importers Trading Co., which owns Palió, has announced that the Vesuvio ($8.99) has begun shipping....
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Whiff Industries Enters Distribution Partnership with Quality Importers

Whiff Industries, known for its portfolio of products designed to eliminate odors from cigar smoke and other sources, has announced that it has entered into...
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XIKAR Meridian

Start up a discussion about lighters and utter the phrase triple flame, and it would seem that almost without fail, the visual in everyone’s head would...
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Palio Adding Vesuvio Lighter in October

This fall, the Palio portfolio will grow with the addition of the Vesuvio, a value-priced, triple flame torch lighter. It becomes the third lighter in...
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XIKAR Xi2 Getting Limited Edition Camo Colors

XIKAR is giving its Xi2 cutter a handful of new full-color camouflage designs that will still start shipping in mid-August. The company is adding eight...
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XIKAR Announces Meridian, a Triple Soft Flame Lighter

There are plenty of triple-flame torch lighters, but a triple soft flame lighter is more or less unheard of, until now. XIKAR has announced that...
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In 2016, XIKAR introduced a new take on a very classic product, the circular XO double guillotine cutter. While there have been many circular cigar cutters in the...
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