Quality Importers Trading Co.

XIKAR Tactical 1 Shipping

The XIKAR Tactical 1 is now shipping to stores. Quality Importers Trading Co., the parent of XIKAR, has announced the Tactical 1, a single-flame torch...
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XIKAR Ships XK1 Lighter

A new single flame lighter from XIKAR is on its way to store shelves just in time for holiday shopping. The XIKAR XK1 features an...
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XIKAR Ensō Ships

The newest XIKAR cutter is off to stores. Quality Importers Trading Co. has announced that it has begun shipping the XIKAR Ensō, a new round...
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Table QUAD Cutter by Palío

At the 2017 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Palió showed off a brand new table top cutter with four different cutting options in one impressive package....
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IPCPR 2019: Quality Importers/XIKAR

In terms of news, 2018 was definitely a big one for XIKAR, as in January of that year the company was acquired by Quality Importers,...
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New XIKAR Tactical 1 Lighter Includes Cigar Rest

The new XIKAR Tactical 1 lighter aims to be both fire and rest for your cigar. XIKAR’s newest model is a single-flame torch lighter that...
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Michael Cellucci Resigns at Quality Importers

Michael Cellucci’s tenure at Quality Importers Trading Co. will come to an end after just over two years. Cellucci, the company’s president, confirmed to halfwheel that...
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Palió V-Cutter

For many years Palió was known for a single, eponymous cutter that promised to be overbuilt and featured an impressive warranty policy. Eventually, the company...
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Palió Ships New Lighter

While the Palió name has been exclusively associated with cigar cutters, there’s a new lighter bearing the name heading to retailers across the country. View...
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XIKAR Opens Lounge at Florida Panthers Arena

The outdoor cigar lounge at the BB&T Center is now the XIKAR Cigar Lounge at BB&T Arena. Last night the Florida Panthers held their home...
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Jimmy Miúdo Joins Quality Importers

Jimmy Miúdo will now be designing products for XIKAR. Quality Importers—the parent company of XIKAR, Palió and a host of other brands—has announced that it has...
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