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My Father

Don Pepín García Vegas Cubanas Coronas

The line is one of the first created by José “Don Pepín” García, and as the company celebrates 20 years, the line gets a new look and an updated blend.

My Father’s New Don Pepin – Vintage Edition Shipping This Week

The company celebrates 20 years of cigars bearing the Don Pepin Garcia name.

My Father to Release Don Pepin – Vintage Edition at TAA 2023 (Update)

The company is celebrating 20 years of the Don Pepin Garcia line of cigars.

My Father’s Flor de las Antillas 10th Anniversary Heading to Stores

It features a modified blend of the Flor de Las Antillas line, with a higher priming wrapper that results in a darker leaf and a slightly stronger profile.

My Father’s Le Bijou 1922 100 Años Limited Edition Arrives at Stores

The cigars honor what would be the 100th birthday of José “Pepīn” García’s father.

PCA 2022: My Father Cigars

My Father returns to the trade show floor with a pair of limited edition cigars, one celebrating Jose Garcia’s father, the other celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of the company’s most successful lines.

My Father Cigars Announces Flor de las Antillas 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

My Father Cigars is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Flor de Las Antillas line with a new limited edition cigar coming out later this year.

My Father Releases Accessories Set

Fans of My Father Cigars’s smokes now have a matching accessories set with which to light, cut and rest those cigars. Inside each set is…

My Father Cigars Releases Don Pepin Garcia Sparky

As the temperatures drop, often so too do the sizes of cigars being smoked. To accommodate shorter smoking times, many cigar makers have begun releasing…

My Father Ships Garcia & Garcia Robusto Deluxe

At this year’s PCA Convention & Trade Show in July, My Father Cigars had only one new product on display, a new size of its…

My Father Begins Shipping Humidor Deluxe

My Father Cigars has begun shipping its most premium and exclusive release yet, the Humidor Deluxe, which celebrates the 70th birthday of José “Pepín” García….