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Le Pâtissier

Le Pâtissier No. 2 Shipping to Stores Tomorrow

The 6 1/8 x 52 belicoso was Crowned Heads’ PCA 2023 exclusive.

PCA 2023: Crowned Heads

This year, Crowned Heads brought line extensions to three of its existing brands, but the real star of the show is La Vereda, the company’s most expensive cigar to date.

Crowned Heads Adds Le Pâtissier No. 2 as PCA Exclusive

Crowned Heads is releasing a new size of Le Pâtissier and the only way for retailers to get it is to place orders at next…

Crowned Heads Moving Le Pâtissier Production to NACSA

In an incredibly rare move, the regular production Le Pâtissier line—which began shipping to stores in August—is moving to a new factory.

Le Pâtissier No. 54

After debuting as a limited edition in 2021, the Le Pâtissier line is back as a regular production offering with four new vitolas.

Crowned Heads Ships Four New Sizes of Le Pâtissier

Le Pâtissier, which debuted last year as a limited edition, is now a regular production line.

PCA 2022: Crowned Heads

For the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, Crowned Heads is releasing a new line as a PCA retailer exclusive as well as a former limited edition that is being made into a regular production offering.

Crowned Heads Makes Le Pâtissier a Regular Production Line

The Le Pâtissier will now be offered in four regular production sizes. Unfortunately, the original 6 1/2 x 44 vitola is not one of those four sizes.

Le Pâtissier

If asked to rank my favorite line from Crowned Heads to date, the Le Carême might well be my favorite. It really depends on whether it…

Crowned Heads Shipping Le Pâtissier on Monday

Le Pâtissier, the latest release from Crowned Heads, will be on its way to retailers on Monday as Jon Huber confirmed to halfwheel that the cigar…

PCA 2021: Crowned Heads

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but there’s something about the Crowned Heads booth that just works. It’s a rectangular shape with built-out corners,…