Illusione ~ultra~

Illusione ULTRA Op No. 3

As has been mentioned numerous times before, Illusione released a plethora of cigars at the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Briefly, those releases are:...
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Illusione Raises Epernay & ULTRA Prices

In one of the more minor price increases of the last year, Illusione’s Epernay and ULTRA lines will see a small increase in price. Brand owner...
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Illusione ~ULTRA~ OP No.4

At the IPCPR show in Las Vegas last July, Illusione showed off a new line of cigars based off of one of their most popular...
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In 2006 when Dion Giolito was reworking some of the blends for his national brand Illusione there was a cigar called the MK, a 5...
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IPCPR 2011: Illusione

And it was a big year for Dion. Back in February, Dion Giolito dropped quite a bombshell indicating that he would be launching a maduro...
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Weekly News (July 11, 2011)

Editor’s Note: And here we are. One week out from the IPCPR trade show and things are reaching their peak. Last week saw a host...
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