Brigham Enterprises Inc.

Indian Motorcycle Connecticut Shade Toro

If there’s something that must be an amazing feeling from the cigar brand owner’s perspective, I’d have to think getting your products carried in another country would have to rank pretty near the top of the list. So much so, it might even call for a special cigar. In the case of the Indian Motorcycle […]
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Indian Motorcycle Connecticut Shade Heading to Canada Next Month

Debonaire House has announced its newest release under the Indian Motorcycle brand, but you are going to have to go to Canada to buy it...
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Brigham Leather Case

Brigham Enterprises might not be the most notable name for most of our American readers, but if you live in Canada or smoke a pipe,...
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Brigham USA Adds Leather Cigar Cases

Brigham USA may best be known for its pipes and pipe accessories, but the company is making a push into cigar accessories, specifically leather cigar...
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Villiger Announces New Distributors for Canada, Mexico

Villiger Cigars has announced new distributors to the countries north and south of the United States. Brigham Enterprises, Inc. will be the company’s distributor for...
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Crowned Heads Signs With Brigham for Canadian Distribution

Crowned Heads is going to Canada. The Nashville-based cigar company has announced that it has signed an agreement with Brigham Enterprises, Inc. for Canadian distribution....
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