Who in their right mind launches a cigar brand with five sizes and one of them is not a robusto? Steve Saka. That’s why Saka’s Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust does not have a robusto size for its Sin Compromiso.

The Sin Compromiso No. 4 is a 5 x 54 robusto extra that is made with a Mexican San Andrés Negro “Cultivo Tonto” wrapper covering an Ecuadorian habano-seed binder and filler tobaccos grown in Nicaragua. In an email, Saka, founder of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, told halfwheel that this specific vitola “required the liga to be tweaked specifically for this format.”

As is the case with the rest of the Sin Compromiso line, the Sin Compromiso No. 4 is packaged in boxes of 13, with each cigar carrying an MSRP of $17.95, meaning every box is priced at $233.36.  The cigars are rolled at Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A.

First released in 2018, the name of the Sin Compromiso line is Spanish for without compromise, a reference to Saka’s idea to create a cigar that wasn’t held back by any of the normal constraints that go into making a profitable cigar line: materials, time and costs.

“When creating and blending Sin Compromiso I was never satisfied with the robusto vitola,” said Saka, in a post on his Facebook page. “It always seemed a little off so when we launched the brand in 2019 I decided to just not include arguably the most popular format. (This is) a 5.00 x 54 prensado robusto whose blend is now perfectly tailored for its format and to suit its namesake.”

With the addition of the No. 4, there have been nine different vitolas released in the Sin Compromiso line so far, although production of the Selección Espada Estoqu was halted last year:

Note: The following shows the various Sin Compromiso vitolas. Some of these cigars may have been released after this post was originally published. The list was last updated on March 14, 2024.

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According to Saka, the Sin Compromiso No. 4 will be shown off during the 2024 PCA Convention & Trade Show taking place in Las Vegas next week, and boxes are scheduled to be shipped to retailers in May.

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