July 28, 2016

IPCPR 2016: Cubariqueño Cigar Company

After sharing space with Erik Espinosa last year, Cubariqueño moved into its own booth this year with Bill Ives and Juan Cancel on hand to...
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IPCPR 2016: Sublimes

I can’t recall seeing any company at this year’s trade show with the ratio of space to cigars as Sublimes had. The spacious booth was...
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IPCPR 2016: Crux Cigars

While Crux Cigars did add a new brand to its lineup, this year’s show was more about new blends using already existing lines. In addition, the...
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IPCPR 2016: Crossfire Cigars

It was a bit weird not seeing Jason Lois in the Crossfire Cigars booth this year, but the company is moving forward and plans to...
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IPCPR 2016 – Day 4 Contest: Davidoff Yamasá Star + Sphere

Update: Winner announced. What happens when you put a sphere and a star together? I don’t know, but that’s what you will get if you...
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IPCPR 2016: Jenneff Cigars

Jenneff Cigars released two new blends at the show this year. Jenneff Family Blend The new Family Blend is being billed as a marrying of...
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IPCPR 2016: What’s In My Bag – Patrick Lagreid

I would never admit to being the most overpacked of the four halfwheel staff members, but I do carry around a bit more than my colleagues. I...
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IPCPR 2016: Catelli Cigars

Catelli Cigars has been on the scene for a few years now and may best be known for their silhouettes of women in their marketing...
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IPCPR 2016: Day 3 Recap

Its 2:52 a.m., I am sort of packed, my alarm inevitably goes off in five hours and I once again wonder why I decided to...
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