January 7, 2014

Suffolk County Legislator Files Bill to Raise Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

After closing out 2013 with a promise to introduce a bill that would raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco in Suffolk County, NY from...
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2013 Awards: Company of the Year

This seems familiar. As we mentioned earlier today, we changed how we determined the factory and brand/company of the year. This year, we voted amongst...
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Indoor Smoking Ban Nixed in St. Joseph, Mo.

The plan for an indoor smoking ban in St. Joseph, Mo. hit a roadblock Monday night when the City Council refused to implement the citizen-drive...
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Casa Magna Adds Dominican Extension

Quesada Cigars has released a new extension to its Casa Magna brand, but don’t expect to see it on store shelves in the United States....
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Keller, Texas Eyes Smoking Ban

Tonight, the Keller City Council will discuss a potential smoking ban. Details are slim, but a report from KXAS indicates that the proposed ban is targeted...
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Padilla Planning 10th Anniversary Release

Ernesto Padilla has confirmed to halfwheel that the new project he tweeted about is in fact the 10th anniversary release for Padilla Cigar Co. The...
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Bolívar Petit Coronas (1970s)

Founded very early in the 1900’s by José F. Rocha, Bolívar has been a popular Cuban brand for the better part of a century. Named...
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2013 Awards: Factory of the Year

This year, we made a decision to vote on company and factory of the year, as opposed to simply relying on scores. The decision was...
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