I’ve alluded to this in a lot of places and today I’m proud to announced TheCigarFeed’s Winter Charity Raffle. It had been a while since I last gave away some stuff and we’ve passed some site milestones. However, sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar. Details after the jump.

Updated: Please note the dates are changing, rather than ending on the 19th, the contest will end on December 15th. Winners will be announced the morning of the 17th. Thanks to all for your support. With just over a week to go, we have raised over 1,000 cigars for troops, tons of cash and a bunch of other goodies.

It’s a raffle, sound pretty basic?

How to enter?
There’s two main ways: send cigars to the troops or buy a charitable sampler.

1. Cigars for the troops. For every five cigars donated, you’ll receive one entry. There are thee ways to give cigars to the troops and be eligible.

A. Send Cigars From Your Humidor – Pretty simple. They need to be mailed to the following address, you also need to include your name and e-mail address so we can keep track. The address is:

Dave Bonette
PO Box 3563
Bellevue, WA 98009

Dave has organized a lot of troop donations on the boards, you don’t need to, but if you could slip a $5 bill (or anything else) to help with shipping, it would be much appreciated.

B. If you would like to just buy a box and get it to the troops, there are two different retailers who have agreed to have special pricing (way below MSRP) for boxes for troops. The retailers are…

Uptown Cigar Co. Just go to this page and pick out the box. Make sure you have them note that you want to be eligible for the raffle and Israel and I will make sure you are included.

Buckhead Cigar Club LLC

Mike has set up special pricing on a variety of boxes. Go to this page for more info.

2. Charitable Samplers. Buy either a Cigar Family Charitable Foundation Toast Across America Gift Set or Montecristo Operation Hope Sampler. All you need to do is send a picture to charlie<at>thecigarfeed<dot>com. You can find a list of Toast Across America retailers here. In addition, Mike from Buckhead Cigar Club LLC has agreed to ship them for free, you can call him at (404) 844-0400.

The Prizes
I will use a random number generator to figure out who wins the following prizes, there will at least be four more prizes added throughout the contest, just waiting to hear back from manufacturers:

  • Box of Brickhouse Cigars from J.C. Newman
  • Box of Master by Carlos Toraño signed by Carlos Toraño and Felipe Sosa from Toraño Family Cigars
  • Box of Liga Privada Ünico Serie Dirty Rats signed by Steve Saka (picture below)
  • Sampler of Guillermo León by La Aurora from La Aurora & Miami Cigar & Co.
  • Sampler of Nestor Miranda Ruky signed by Nestor Miranda from Miami Cigar & Co.
  • Sampler of La Sirena from Miami Cigar & Co.
  • Sampler (6 Pack) of 262 from 262
  • Sampler (6 Pack) of 262 from 262
  • Xikar Xi1 Cutter from Xikar
  • Five-Pack from Me
  • Five-Pack from Dave
  • Five-Pack from Ron
  • Five-Pack from Ray
  • Five-Pack from David Hall (aka TheCigarNut)

Contest will run from November 17, 2010 until December 15, 2010. Winners will be announced December 17, 2010.

If you are interested in sponsoring a prize or have any further questions, please contact me charlie<at>thecigarfeed<dot>com.

I’d like to thank all of our sponsors for their support and all those who donate. Good luck.


There’s still time left!


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