Ramón Allones 8-9-8 (1998)

The brand of Ramón Allones was started in 1845 by a man named Ramón Allones. Originally from Spain, Allones was reportedly the first to employ bright, lithographed...
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Tatuaje La Maravilla

In 2006, Havana Cellars released three limited edition cigars to three different stores. They were: Tatuaje La Maravilla (5 5/8 x 46) — Leaf & Ale...
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Robaina Family “El Padrino”

During one of my trades recently, I was offered up a cigar that I had only heard about, and had never actually seen and was...
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Padilla 1932 Oscuro Torpedo

Back before the infamous split of Pepin and Padilla around March of 2008, they produced a limited edition 1932 Oscuro, which, as the name implies,...
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Flor de Farach Conchas (1930s)

The Flor de Farach Conchas is mentioned almost nowhere online, and even people who know quite a bit about pre-embargo cigars know almost nothing. It...
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Diamond Crown Julius Caeser (Prerelease)

During the middle of the cigar boom—1996 to be exact—the J.C.Newman Cigar Company introduced the Diamond Crown brand of cigars to the world. The second...
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Montecristo Maravilla (2005)

Released in 2005 as part of the Colección Habanos, there were only 500 boxes of 20 Montecristo Maravillas produced. The cigar itself is a huge monstrosity,...
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AVO 22 (European)

Back in 2002, AVO released one of its first limited edition cigars, the legendary the AVO 22. Crafted by Henke Kelner as a private cigar...
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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Sun Grown

In 2003, Arturo Fuente released a special cigar as a promotion for retailers who won a contest. Only 165 boxes of 25 Hemingway Classics with a Ecuadorian sun...
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OpusX 952R

In 2002 Fuente partnered with Prometheus to release the so called ForbiddenX Humidor, a limited run humidor with 100 cigars priced at $10,000 per unit. Fifty...
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Tatuaje El Triunfador No.6

Back in October of 2009, Pete Johnson of Havana Cellars/Tatuaje Cigars came to Dallas. While there he gave me a prerelease El Triunfador Internationals that had been out in the...
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