Canadian Ministry of Health Opens Public Comment on Plain Packaging

Last month, the Canadian government approved sweeping changes to its laws on tobacco products and tobacco alternatives, part of which will be the implementation of...
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Canada Approves Plain Packaging for Tobacco Products

A sweeping piece of anti-tobacco legislation was passed by the Canadian Parliament today, and with it could soon come the requirement that all tobacco products...
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Austrian Smoking Ban to be Reduced

Austria’s new coalition government will roll back a planned smoking ban that was set to take effect next May. The far-right Freedom Party of Austria...
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U.K. Cigar Smokers Face Second Tobacco Tax Increase This Year

The United Kingdom’s new autumn budget will bring a bit of a price increase to cigar smokers the next time they fill up their humidors;...
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Singapore Raising Minimum Tobacco Age to 21

Beginning in 2019, Singapore will gradually increase the minimum age to purchase tobacco from the current requirement of 18 to 21. The new law covers...
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Japan Smoking Ban Not Included in Key Health Bill

Japan is one of the most smoking-friendly countries in the world—and for now, it will stay that way. A key anticancer bill was approved by...
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Ireland’s Plain Packaging Rules for Tobacco Now in Effect

New plain packaging laws for tobacco products have gone into effect in Ireland, though it will be a while before the bland new look for...
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French Name Ban on Cigars Lifted by Court

The banning of hundreds of SKUs of cigars and cigarillos in France appears to be averted. Per a press release from Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG),...
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What Do Trump’s Cuba Changes Mean for Cigars?

In short: nothing yet, but it’s still unknown. Today, President Donald Trump delivered a speech calling for a change on the U.S. government’s policy towards...
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Report: Trump Plans Major Restrictions on Cuba Travel

Editor’s Note: For more information about Trump’s new policy towards Cuba and how it affects cigars, click here. Tomorrow, President Donald Trump will announce his...
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Trump Announcing New Cuba Policy This Friday

Editor’s Note: For more information about Trump’s new policy towards Cuba and how it affects cigars, click here. This Friday, President Donald Trump is expected...
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