PCA 2021

PCA 2021 takes place July 10-13, 2021 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

Visit for live coverage of the PCA 2021 Convention & Trade Show to learn more about the cigar industry’s most important trade show.’s team will provide the most extensive coverage of the PCA 2020 trade show with pre-show coverage, live coverage and post-show coverage.

PCA 2021: Sindicato

The PCA Convention & Trade Show provides an interesting lens through which to look at certain cigar companies. As part of the process of getting...
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PCA 2021: Brizard & Co.

Brizard & Co. is one of the more impressive booths I cover, while at the same time being one of the most intimidating ones. The...
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PCA 2021: K by Karen Berger

After cigar industry veteran Enrique “Kiki” Berger passed away in 2014, his widow Karen Berger unveiled her own K by Karen Berger line at the...
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PCA 2021: German Engineered Cigars

It took getting approval from the U.S. Consulate General to travel from Germany to the U.S. for the 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show, but...
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PCA 2021: Quality Importers Trading Co.

Even after writing numerous stories about Quality Importers Trading Co., I’m still not sure that people are as familiar with them as they are with...
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PCA 2021: Visol Products

I have been covering Visol Products since at least 2016, and look forward to seeing the company every year to be shown what is new....
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PCA 2021: JM Tobacco

There are no new products for JM Tobacco at PCA 2021; instead, the company continues to highlight its Española Connecticut and Maduro blends, which added...
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PCA 2021: Graycliff

Graycliff Cigar Co. is a mainstay at the show, though like many manufacturers, the booth is smaller than in years past. Visiting the booth late...
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PCA 2021: Top 3 Things — Charlie Minato

The PCA 2021 Convention & Trade Show is over, and, as I write this, our booth coverage is entering the final quarter or so. There...
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PCA 2021: Topper

For months, Chris Topper has been talking about his upcoming Topper 125th Anniversary. And like so many other cigar companies, he’s been telling me, “the...
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PCA 2021: Gran Habano

Gran Habano has a redesigned booth this year with a very South Beach Miami feel to it. The theming is on point, and despite it...
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