Casdagli Cigars has announced that it is involved with a new NFT project called The Blockchainsmoker, which says it will begin minting NFTs sometime in Q1 2023. There have been three other NFT projects involving cigar companies—ones from United Cigars, La Flor Dominicana and Smoke Inn—but The Blockchainsmoker appears to have much grander plans for how its NFTs will work.

The project is led by Jeremy Casdagli of Casdagli Cigars, Martin Grüner and Rune Wennesland and, who said the idea was first broached more than a year ago at the D’Boiss Cigar Lounge in Tallinn, Estonia. It says that it wants to connect the worlds of cigars and crypto, listing the following as the problem it intends to solve:

The world of NFTs is more or less disconnected from the world of cigars. Limited Edition cigar concepts and NFTs are a perfect match, but nobody has been able to create a working cigar club concept that is designed for the NFT industry.
There simply does not exist a pure cigar brand that exclusively offers quality cigars with features relating to Blockchaintechnology, designated to those who understand the references to that space; a brand offering a solution where the crypto and cigar lovers can get the best of both worlds.

The Blockchainsmoker plans three levels of membership NFTs:

  • 2,000 Club Lounge NFTs
  • 200 VIP Lounge NFTs
  • 200 VIP inner Lounge NFTs

Owning an NFT will give a person access to the accompanying benefits, which are outlined in the chart above from the company’s white paper, a prospectus that is common in the crypto world. Notably, The Blockchainsmoker says owning one of its NFTs should, in theory, mean a person will have access to special cigars.

Those 2,400 membership NFTs aren’t the only NFTs as part of the project. In its white paper, Blockchainsmoker indicates that membership NFT owners might be given additional NFTs, known as allocation NFTs—that are in effect vouchers for specific cigars:

Providing a cigar launch is made available for the NFT holder’s cub membership level, each holder of a membership NFT will be airdropped at least one NFT for a specific allocation of cigars they can purchase when a new cigar is launched. One airdropped NFT will typically – but not necessarily always – relate to one box of cigars.

As is noted in the table above, there are different descriptions for potential cigar releases: limited edition, ultra limited edition and special concepts. The white paper says:

  • Limited Editions — 24,000-30,000 cigars produced
  • Ultra Limited Editions — 2,000-10,000 cigars produced
  • Special Concepts — 2,000 or fewer cigars, “but may include additional components than cigars.”

The white paper indicates that those redeeming NFTs for cigars should expect five or 10 cigars per allocation. In addition, the allocation NFTs redeemable for cigars—not the membership NFTs—will likely expire within two months after they are sent to membership NFT holders. The membership NFTs do not expire and owners can sell them on the open market, though there will be fees ranging from 7-10 percent of the transaction price.

The Blockchainsmoker mentions that it intends to work with cigar companies, though Casdagli is the only company explicitly listed.

In a video, Casdagli appears to announce the Ring Signature as the first release.

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