Walter Santiago

Crémo Clutch City Horsepower Toro (Prerelease)

For his latest project, Walter Santiago of Crémo Cigars said his goal was simply to blend two Miami-based companies. The first of which is his...
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Crémo Grandeur (Prerelease)

Crémo Cigars is pivoting. After a few years on the market with a revitalized name and production out of Miami’s El Titan de Bronze, Crémo...
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Crémo Cigars Announces New Projects

In an interview on RobbyRasReviews’ December 27th Cigar Chat, Walter “Lilo” Santiago of Crémo Cigars announced two new projects that he is working on – the Crémo...
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Crémo Classic Maduro Intrepidus (Prerelease)

After releasing their Classic line in 2011, Crémo Cigars made its official IPCPR debut in 2012, at which time Crémo also followed up on its...
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Crémo Classic Excelsior (Prerelease)

Today we will be taking a look at a cigar that has yet to be released, the Crémo Classic Excelsior! Handcrafted in “Little Havana” (Miami,...
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