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Smoking Bans

Washington, Mo. City Council Approves Smoking Ban Exemption for Cigar Bars

Cigar bars become the first exemption to the city’s smoking ban that was passed over a decade ago.

Bill That Would Have Banned Smoking at Florida State Parks & Beaches Dies in Committee

Smoking and vaping will remain legal in Florida’s state parks and at its state-controlled beaches.

Florida Bill Would Ban Smoking and Vaping at State Beaches and Parks

The last time Florida changed state laws regarding banning smoking at public beaches and parks, cigars were exempt. This time, there’s no cigar carve out.

New Jersey Legislature Will Once Again Debate Casino Smoking Ban

Legislators have considered removing the exemption every year since 2006.

Minneapolis City Council Committee Supports Proposal That Would Ban Smoking in City’s Only Cigar Lounge

The changes would close what is seen as a loophole in state law by allowing patrons to sample cigars in a cigar lounge.

France to Ban Smoking at Public Parks & Beaches, Eyes Plain Packaging for All Tobacco Products

France’s Minister of Health has also called for a minimum price for a pack of cigarettes and a ban on single-use vaping products.

St. Paul, Minn. Passes Smoking Ban Ordinance

A stripped-down version of the ordinance passed on Thursday, reducing the number of places to light up in the city.

Pennsylvania Bill Would Ban Smoking in Cigar Shops, Bars & Casinos

Beyond banning indoor smoking in virtually every place outside of a person’s home, the bill would remove a preemption clause, making it easier for local governments to pass even stricter anti-smoking laws.

Wayne, N.J. Bans Smoking at Outdoor Cafés, Restaurants

Effective next week, smoking will be banned at outdoor dining areas in Wayne Township.

Highland Heights, Ken. Passes Smoke-Free Air Ordinance

Highland Heights joins Bellevue and Dayton in passing smoke-free ordinances.