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S.T. Dupont Le Grand Dupont

S.T. Dupont Le Grand Dupont Perfect Ping

Soft flame? Check. Torch flame? Check. Six years of waiting to review this? Check.

S.T.Dupont Le Grand Dupont Arrives in the U.S.

S.T.Dupont’s dual flame lighter is finally arriving at stores. The Le Grand Dupont combines a single-flame torch and the company’s classic dual-flame soft flames into…

S.T.Dupont Delays U.S. Release of Le Grand Dupont

The most anticipated luxury lighter of the year will have to wait to next year, at least for the U.S. S.T.Dupont has delayed the U.S….

IPCPR 2017: S.T.Dupont

The S.T.Dupont booth is the epitome of my IPCPR Convention & Trade Show: beauty, chaos, excitement and frustration. I love the art behind so much…