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Popsiech Inc.

Powstanie SBC 22 Arrives at Stores

“This could possibly be the greatest blend Skip has ever created,” — Mike Szczepankewicz, co-founder of Powstanie.

Powstanie SBC 22 Shipping Next Month (Update)

Just because it’s 2023 doesn’t mean there won’t be a new SBC.

Fosforo Connecticut

Fosforo’s second line uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and debuted as a limited release; it will become a regular production line later this year.

Fosforo Connecticut Debuting This Month

For now, the Fosforo Connecticut will be offered in a single corona gorda size, though it’s expected to become a regular production line later this year.

Powstanie Wojtek

In July 2019, Powstanie—which is a Polish word for “uprising” that is pronounced poh-shan-yah—released a brand new limited edition with a “tweaked” blend based on…

Powstanie Wojtek

Cigars have been named after many different people, animals and even inanimate objects, but to my knowledge a new release from Powstanie is the first cigar…

Powstanie Wojtek Planned for 2019 (Update)

The Powstanie line will be getting a new striped addition in the form of a cigar called Wojtek. Next year the company plans on releasing…