Pistoff Kristoff

Pistoff Kristoff Firecracker

There have been a number of different retailer exclusive series in the cigar world that have stood the test of time, from Smoke Inn’s Microblend...
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Pistoff Kristoff Firecracker Heading to Two Guys Smoke Shop Next Week

The next cigar in Two Guys Smoke Shop’s series of Firecracker releases will be from Kistoff. Next week, the New Hampshire-based retailer will release the...
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Lil Pistoff Kristoff

I can’t remember who said it to me recently, but it was something to the effect of you have to be careful about names that...
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Kristoff Goes Small with Lil Pistoff Kristoff

Just a few months ago, Kristoff took its Pistoff Kristoff line to big proportions with the release the 8 1/2 x 60 Extremely Pistoff Kristoff....
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Extremely Pistoff Kristoff Slated for January

Kristoff is taking one of its strongest cigars to an extreme size, as the company has announced the Extremely Pistoff Kristoff, an 8 1/2 x...
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IPCPR 2016: Kristoff Cigars

Although Kristoff Cigars’ booth was the same this year, it seemed a bit more open to me for some reason, most likely due to the...
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Kristoff Ships Pistoff

Kristoff’s newest and most interestingly named cigar is on its way to retailers, as the Pistoff Kristoff began shipping last Friday. The name comes from...
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Kristoff Announces Three New Blends for Spring (Update)

As the weather starts to warm up and spring takes hold on the country, Kristoff is set to release three new cigar lines to retail....
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