A Visit to FUMARE

Late last year, Brooks Whittington, Patrick Lagreid and I visited Reno, Nev., specifically FUMARE Fine Cigar Boutique. I had heard stories about Dion Giolito, better...
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Illusione Rex

Dion Giolito’s first business in the cigar world was not Illusione, it was in retail. It’s one that he still carries on today with a...
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Weekly News (September 2, 2013)

Editor’s Note: While José Blanco was the biggest industry news last week—and just to be clear, he’ll be back—there were actually a couple other important...
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Tatuaje Bombazo

In 2006, the relatively new Tatuaje Cigars Inc. released three different cigars, all exclusive to different stores. One of the three was the Bombazo (bomb...
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Portraits: Dion Giolito

Dion Giolito has always been an enigma to me. Physically large (quite tall), seemingly socially aloof—something he seems to wear with honor—and immensely talented when...
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La Grand Classe

There wasn’t a ton of fanfare for the release of Dion Giolito’s latest cigar, La Grand Classe, when it came out in late November. A Tweet from FUMARE was...
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Weekly News (December 3, 2012)

Editor’s Note: (The) Contest is in full swing. Thanks all for participating, still lots of crazy stuff to come. In addition, for those that can...
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News: FUMARE Releases La Grande Classe

Dion Giolito of Illusione Cigars has released La Grande Classe, an exclusive for Fumare in Reno, the store that he also owns. Fumare’s home page...
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News: La Grande Clase Set for November Release

According to Dion Giolito, La Grande Clase, the small batch project for the Illusione founder’s Reno, Nev. retail store, is set to arrive at FUMARE...
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Tatuaje Bombazo Capa Especial

In 2006, Havana Cellars released some of the first of what would eventually become dozens of single store releases. Each release consisted of a unique...
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News: Dion Giolito’s La Grande Classe Nears Release

Fresh off the news of two new additions, there appears to be a nearing release date for one of Dion Giolito’s other projects. For the...
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