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Emilio Grimalkin Seasonal Edition Returns for 2023

The 2023 edition of the Emilio Grimalkin Seasonal Edition has a rabito cap, covered foot and barber pole wrapper design.

PCA 2023: Oveja Negra Brands

Oveja Negra Brands’ booth might not have changed much, but there were certainly plenty of cigars to cover this year from the company in both limited editions and regular production line extensions.

Emilio audiophile

An audiophile is a person that has spent $200 on power cables. It’s also the name of a new cigar from Emilio.

Emilio Releases audiophile, Suave Maduro

The audiophile is a single-size limited edition, while the Suave Maduro is a new regular production line.

Emilio Limited Edition LJZ Robusto

It’s time to take a look at how this Top 25 cigar has changed just shy of two years since its release date.

PCA 2022: Oveja Negra Brands

Oveja Negra Brands is a busy booth with lots of new stuff under its umbrella. This year there is a new PCA exclusive from Black Works Studio, a new Rorschach size, and two new releases under the Emilio brand.

Emilio Adding Suave Maduro at PCA 2022

The Connecticut-wrapped Suave line now has a maduro counterpart.

2nd Street Cigar Co. Getting Emilio La Musa Lancero

There’s a new lancero for Emilio Cigars’ La Musa line, and its an exclusive to 2nd Street Cigar Co. in Edmond, Okla. It measures 7…

Emilio LJZ 2021 Ships, Adds New Lonsdale Vitola

The third release of the Emilio LJZ line is on its way to stores, and for 2021, it has a new lonsdale vitola. That vitola…

PCA 2021: Emilio

Emilio Cigars has its corner in the Oveja Nega Brands booth, which makes sense if you are familiar with the brand since they are produced…

Emilio Limited Edition LJZ Robusto

Whenever I hear the name Emilio, the image of a cigar with a pair of cat eyes on it immediately comes to mind. That cigar,…