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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Brings Back Sobremesa Brûlée Wagashi as a National Release

Same size, same blend and same price as last year’s version, but the newest incarnation will be available nationwide next month.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Adding Umbagog Bronzeback at PCA 2024

The new cigar was created as an homage to the Henry Clay cigars from the 1980s and 1990s. 

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Announces #GFY Lancero Collection for Fall

The sampler includes both a rerelease of Dunbarton’s Muestra de Saka #NLMTHA and a first-for-the-company candela-wrapped lancero.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Increasing Prices on March 15

The company says around half of its products will not be increasing in price.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Plans to Sell Guillotina de Saka Cutter This Spring

There are not going to be many of them and they are not going to be cheap, but they will go on sale.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Begins Shipping Polpetta

The event only cigar that was made a regular production release is now on its way to stores.

Red Meat Lovers Beef Stick

The Red Meat Lovers blend was developed to be paired with a steak. This particular cigar appears to be rolled to look like a Slim Jim.

Muestra de Saka Krakatoa

The Krakatoa lives up to its name, albeit not in the way you might be expecting.

StillWell Star English No. 27

Two years after its release, it’s time to see how the pipe tobacco has held up in this cigar.