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Black Label Trading Co.

Black Label Trading Co. Celebrates 10th Anniversary With La Madonna Negra

La Madonna Negra celebrates the 10th anniversary of Black Label Trading Co. It will ship to stores next week.

Black Label Trading Co. Shipping New Black Works Studio S&R, Rorschach Sumatra Next Week

S&R gets a new barber pole design, while the Rorschach Sumatra is a lighter version of the original blend thanks to a new wrapper and a focus on Jalapa tobacco.

Black Label Trading Co. Bringing Back Santa Muerte at TPE 2023

The line returns after a hiatus of nearly four years, and now becomes a regular production part of the company’s portfolio.

Black Works Studio Killer Bee Shaolin

The Black Works Studio Killer Bee debuted in 2015 and got its third line extension in 2022.

Black Label Trading Co. Morphine Returns for 2022

Next week, Black Label Trading Co. will begin shipping the 2022 version of Morphine. It’s the first release of the line since December 2020.

Black Label Trading Co. Adds Distribution for The Netherlands

Small Batch Traders B.V. is a new company from Stijn Elbersen, a longtime Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) employee.

Black Works Studio Killer Bee Shaolin and Rorschach Short Robusto Shipping Next Week

A new spin on the Killer Bee and a new size in Rorschach will be on store shelves in the coming weeks.

Black Label Bishops Blend Returns Next Week

Three sizes of Bishops Blend will ship to stores next week.

PCA 2022: Oveja Negra Brands

Oveja Negra Brands is a busy booth with lots of new stuff under its umbrella. This year there is a new PCA exclusive from Black Works Studio, a new Rorschach size, and two new releases under the Emilio brand.

Black Label Trading Co. Memento Mori Corona

Cigars are named after many different things, perhaps no cigar has a more powerful name than Memento Mori.

Black Works Studio Intergalactic Corona Larga

Black Works Studio, which is part of the Black Label Trading Co. portfolio, turns to the stars for its first release of 2022, the Intergalactic.