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Anastasia Añejado 2016

Anastasia Añejado 2016 Petite Pirámide Goes on Sale at Terrible Cigar Club

Another Anastasia Añejado 2016 was released, even more delayed than the first one. This is going to just one store and the release size is a half of a percent of the original Anastasia Añejado 2016 Corona.

Anastasia Añejado 2016

After numerous delays, Caldwell Cigar Co. began shipping its Anastasia Añejado 2016 to retails in April. While the new release shares a name with the company’s already existing Anastasia line—and was rolled the same year as the original release of those cigars—the blend is completely different, highlighted by a habano mejorado wrapper grown in the Dominican Republic.

Anastasia Añejado Arrives at Stores Early

Caldwell’s Anastasia Añejado was supposed to ship to stores this summer; it began shipping last week.

Caldwell’s Anastasia Añejado 2016 Coming This Summer

Rolled in 2016 at a different factory than the original Anastasia and delayed multiple times, the Anastasia Añejado will now get its release after the cigars have aged for more than five years.