S.T.Dupont’s newest collection will be inspired the American wild west.

It’s called Conquest of Wild West, a tribute to the fight between the outlaws of the wild west and the men who stopped them. As with most S.T.Dupont collections, there are a plethora of different items from lighters to pens to cufflinks using various materials and craftsmanship resulting in a range of prices from $495 to $28,000.

The most basic options are part of the Premium Collection, limited to 1,500 pieces, which uses palladium finishes across its various items.

The Premium Collection features a Line D lighter with a hole through the middle, similar to a James Bond release from a few years ago, and a chain attachment. It’s priced at $1,750.

Those who purchase the Premium Collection Smoking Kit will receive the lighter along with a punch cutter. The kit is priced at $2,800.

Two pens are offered, both from S.T.Dupont’s Line D collection.  They both use black lacquer with meteorite dust and brass and palladium finishes. Pricing is $1,450 for the ballpoint and $1,750 for the fountain pen.

Finally, the Prestige Collection is rounded out by a pair of bullet-shaped palladium cufflinks, priced at $495.

A step up in both price and exclusivity is the Prestige Collection. Like the Premium Collection, it uses both brass and palladium across the collection, but also includes heather wood on the pen and lighters.

The Prestige Line 2 retails for $4,500 and comes with a leather case. The lid is shaped to mimic a lever action of a gun.

The Prestige Collection fountain pen retails for $4,850 and also comes with a leather case.

Both the Prestige Line 2 and Prestige Fountain Pen are limited to 600 numbered pieces.

S.T.Dupont has also created a Prestige Collection watch. It’s limited to 200 pieces and retails for $3,250.

As it has done in the past, there is the Prestige Collectors Kit, which includes both the lighter and pen in a special case. It’s priced at $9,550.

Even more limited and more expensive is the Diamond Collection. It features a special pen and lighter, made from brass and finished with gold. As the name implies, it also features an unspecified amount of diamonds. Both items are limited to eight pieces and priced at $28,000 each.

S.T.Dupont will debut the collection at next month’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, which begins July 11 in Las Vegas, Nev.

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