In January of 2011, Viaje began releasing some experimental blends under the White Label Project moniker. Some have become annual releases, others have stuck true to with how the concept was originally described, cigars that weren’t normal.

Viaje owner Andre Farkas originally described the project as such:

WLP is the vehicle by which we will release experimental blends, shapes, mash ups, factory errors, etc. It’s a peek behind the factory curtain. This is WLP’s purpose. Blends, shapes, etc. that would normally never get released will be available under this label. We will also be listening to your ideas. If we hear something suggested that might make a good cigar you might see it released under WLP.

As has become the case with almost every Viaje release in the last year, Farkas decided to ship multiple different blends to accounts at the same time. We posted a news story detailing the newest of the WLP Super Shot 12 Gauge, which shipped alongside the Zombie Super Shot and Exclusivo Super Lance:

Viaje adds its tenth edition of White Label Project in the form of WLP Super Shot. It’s a cigar that was actually made last year, but not rolled to the correct dimensions. Pricing is set at $160.00 per bundle of 25, or $6.40 per cigar—the same price as the Super Shot 12 Gauge for which its based on. The company posted the above photo and below message to its Facebook page earlier this week:

WLP Super Shot backstory – Super Shot debuted early last year, but the release had a snag. 12 Gauge was initially rolled incorrectly. The cigar arrived at 3.5″ which was .25″ too long. The cigar was re rolled to the correct specs and released. 300 bundles of the 12 Gauge 3.5″ version were put to rest in our aging room and have remained there for a year and a half…………until now.

Viaje WLP Super Shot.png

 (Image via facebook/viaje)

There have now been 10 different releases in the White Label Project series.

Viaje White Label Project

**The number of bundles was misprinted as “200″ in the original release of the Stuffed Turkey.

With the two new Super Shot releases, there are now eight releases attached to the name:

Viaje Super Shot

  • Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge (3 1/2 x 54) — February 2012 — 300 Boxes of 25 Cigars (7,500 Total Cigars)
  • Viaje Super Shot 12 Gauge (3 1/4 x 52) — March 2012 — 300 Boxes of 25 Cigars (7,500 Total Cigars)
  • Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge Criollo (3 1/2 x 54) — February 2013 — 200 Boxes of 25 Cigars (5,000 Total Cigars)
  • Viaje Super Shot 12 Gauge Criollo (3 1/4 x 52) — February 2013 — 200 Boxes of 25 Cigars (5,000 Total Cigars)
  • Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge Corojo (3 1/2 x 54) — February 2013 — 200 Boxes of 25 Cigars (5,000 Total Cigars)
  • Viaje Super Shot 12 Gauge Corojo (3 1/4 x 52) — February 2013 — 200 Boxes of 25 Cigars (5,000 Total Cigars)
  • Viaje White Label Project Super Shot 12 Gauge (3 1/2 x 52) — May 2013 — 300 Bundles of 25 Cigars (7,500 Total Cigars)
  • Viaje Zombie Super Shot (3 1/2 x 54) — May 2013 — 400 Boxes of 25 Cigars (10,000 Total Cigars)

Viaje White Label Project Super Shot 12 Gauge 1

  • Cigar Reviewed: Viaje White Label Project Super Shot 12 Gauge
  • Country of Origin: Honduras
  • Factory: Fábrica de Tabacos Raíces Cubanas S. de R.L. (Raíces Cubanas)
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Size: 3 1/2 Inches
  • Ring Gauge: 52
  • Vitola: NUb
  • MSRP: $6.40 (Bundles of 25, $160.00)
  • Date Released: May 3, 2013
  • Number of Cigars Released: 300 Bundles of 25 Cigars (7,500 Total Cigars)
  • Number of Cigars Smoked For Review: 2

The WLP Super Shot is quite compact with a reddish coffee brown wrapper that is slick with oil. There are a few soft spots evident, but overall the resistance is very good when squeezed. The aroma coming off of the wrapper is a combination of strong earth, leather, oak and pepper.

The first third of the Viaje WLP Super Shot 12 Gauge starts off with strong notes of earth, oak, leather, espresso and cocoa powder. There is a great black pepper on the retrohale that is fairly strong at first, but recedes nicely after the first 10 puffs or so. I can taste an interesting generic sweetness that comes and goes, but is never very strong in the first third. Both the burn and the draw are excellent, while the overall strength hits just below the medium mark by the end of the first third.

Viaje WLP Super Shot 12 Gauge 2

Coming into the second third of the White Label Project, the profile has changed very little with the main flavors being leather, dark chocolate, wood and earth. The black pepper on the retrohale is still noticeable, but reduced from the amount that was in the first third. The sweetness is more evident, but still fairly generic, while the construction remains wonderful. The strength has increased noticeably ending the second third slightly above the medium mark.

Viaje WLP Super Shot 12 Gauge 3

The final third of the cigar is virtually unchanged from the first two thirds. Other than yet another increase in sweetness, the profile remains virtually the same. The strength ends the Viaje well above the medium mark, still shy of full. While the nub does get a little hot at the end, the burn and draw are still excellent.

Viaje WLP Super Shot 12 Gauge 4

Final Notes:

  • The date written on the packaging is “March 2012,” which corresponds to the company’s mention that these were rolled about 18 months ago.
  • As with the original Super Shot releases, the wrapper is  gorgeous: dark, oily and thick, and as a result the burn time is fairly long for the size of the cigar
  • This is the first WLP release to ship without the signature white band with black type. When asked about it, the company responded on Facebook, “Staying true to SS identity these will be un banded.”
  • There have been ten separate releases in the White Label Project line. All have been released in paper wrapped bundles, but the two that were released for specific holidays each have an added sticker on the outside of the bundle: a shamrock for the WLP St. Patrick’s and a Turkey for the WLP Stuffed Turkeys, which were released for Thanksgiving in 2011 and Christmas last year. In addition, some have used wrapping paper, while others use newspaper.
  • The ash was quite flaky when you look at it, but it held on for longer than it looks like it should.
  • The overall construction was excellent, as was the construction on the original Super Shot 12 Gauge.
  • The final smoking time for both samples averaged just over one hour.
88 Overall Score

I have always enjoyed the Super Shot blend for what it is: a short, fairly powerful shot of earthy tobacco, no pun intended. The profile has never been overly complex to me—but it is very distinctive—and it revels in what it does right. Not surprisingly, there are quite a few similarities between this release and the original Super Shot 12 Gauge, perhaps a bit more sweetness in the final third. A very good cigar despite a somewhat inflated price for the size. They smoke well out of the box, which isn't surprising given the original Super Shots did as well and these have been aging for essentially a year and a half. An anomaly for Viaje on a lot of fronts.

Brooks Whittington

I have been smoking cigars for over eight years. A documentary wedding photographer by trade, I spent seven years as a photojournalist for the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I started the cigar blog SmokingStogie in 2008 after realizing that there was a need for a cigar blog with better photographs and more in-depth information about each release. SmokingStogie quickly became one of the more influential cigar blogs on the internet, known for reviewing preproduction, prerelease, rare, extremely hard-to-find and expensive cigars. I am a co-founder of halfwheel and now serve as an editor for halfwheel.