For ten years, Arturo Fuente and Prometheus have released humidors containing 22 cigars raising over $850,000 for Fuente and J.C. Newman’s Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, the Dominican charity established to provide education and better lives for over 5,000 families, this year they are celebrating the milestone with an abnormal amount of special cigars, including a 23rd.

Opus22 + 1 Humidor

Officially known as Opus22 + 1, this year’s release will be limited to 500 pieces, 350 of which will ship in November with the remaining 150 in May 2014, and priced at $1,150.00.

Opus22 + 1 CigarsOpus22 + 1 Cigars 2

This Opus22 + 1 contains:

  • FFOX BigB (1)*
  • FFOX 13 Belicoso (2)*
  • FFOX 888 Especiale Natural (2)*
  • FFOX BBMF Maduro (1)
  • FFOX BBMF Natural (1)
  • FFOX Lancero (2)
  • FFOX LBMF (1)
  • FFOX LFMF (1)
  • FFOX Piramide 56 Especiale (1)*
  • FFOX Shark (1)
  • FFOX Tauros the Bull (1)
  • FFOX Tiger Shark (1)*
  • Angel’s Share Churchill (1)*
  • Angel’s Share Toro (1)
  • Casa Fuente Mi Casa Tu Casa (2)*
  • Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Churchill (1)
  • Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Toro (1)
  • Fuente Fuente Forbidden X Double Robusto (2)
*Indicates a cigar never before offered for sale.



This year’s +1 is called BigB, made in honor of Barry Herbst of BLH Industries, maker of cigar molds. It measures 6 x 74 and is placed in its own coffin.
In addition, 150 Opus22 10th Anniversary humidors will be released, each containing 40 cigars. There will be 38 Blue Sycamore, 23 Red Sycamore, 36 Macassar Ebony, 17 Yellow Sycamore and 36 Walnut, each with a price of $3,500.00.
BluehumidorOpus22 + 1 Cigars 1
Inside the humidors are the following cigars:
  • 8 Fuente Fuente Forbidden X Double Corona
  • 8 Fuente Fuente OpusX Lancero
  • 8 Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Churchill
  • 4 Fuente Fuente OpusX BBMF
  • 4 Fuente Fuente OpusX Bongó*
  • 4 Fuente Fuente OpusX Piramide 56 Especiale*
  • 4 Fuente Fuente OpusX Taurus The Bull

*Indicates a cigar never before offered for sale.

Opus22 FFOX6

Finally, the company will be releasing 1,500 FFOX6 samplers packaged in a travel humidor. The $250.000 samplers will be limited to 375 pieces of Macassar Ebony, Blue, White and Red humidors.

Each humidor will contain one of the following cigars:

Opus22 FFOX6 Cigars

  • Fuente Fuente OpusX, 13 Belicoso
  • Fuente Fuente OpusX Taurus The Bull
  • Arturo Fuente 13
  • Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Toro
  • Angel’s Share Toro
  • Fuente Fuente OpusX El Escorpion Natural

In addition, the samplers will come with:

  • The Fuente Story Passion behind the Tradition and Legacy
  • Journey to Chateau de la Fuente
  • The Fuente Family: An American Dream
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