Brizard & Co. has a historical preference for exhibiting up against one of the side walls of the convention floor. This year, the booth was still along the wall, but this time towards the back, and then behind a line of booths whose structures were big enough to block the view of the booth somewhat as you approached the area. Unfortunately, that meant that foot traffic to the booth was not as plentiful as the company would’ve liked.

What was a bad thing for the company was good for me, as owner Cyril Brizard, who is usually swamped chatting with retailers, had time to casually show me around the booth and talk about all the new products at length.

The booth uses the same basic layout from last year, with the lighted display cases along the wall and a pergola structure on the side. It was noted that this would more than likely be the last year with this layout, as a redesign was in the works.

As Brizard and I moved between the different pieces on display, he talked about other things not directly related to the new accessories. One interesting thing of note is he has opted to stop using lacquer on any of his accessories, from humidors all the way down to the small strips of wood on some travel cases. Trying to be more environmentally conscious, he is instead using natural oils to bring out the luster in the wood he uses.

The American Black Bison Cigar Case

While the first new product doesn’t use any of the previously mentioned wood, what it does use is 100 percent American materials assembled in the U.S. at Brizard & Co.’s Los Angeles factory, where all the leather work and finishing is done. This is the second limited edition case made for J.C. Newman to go with its The American cigar line.

To stick with the theme, J.C. Newman had requested Brizard & Co. use only American-sourced materials for this case. Since the leather Brizard & Co. uses on its other accessories is imported, the company turned to Ted Turner’s bison ranch in Montana, one of the few spread across the country as part of the Turner Bison Program.

MSRP: $350

Production: 350 Numbered Cases

Release Date: July 2023

Brizard & Co. Antique Olive Leather and Wood Collection

Brizard has been designing with olive wood this year and combined the previously available Antique Olive Leather collection with olive wood. The Havana Traveler set, with lighter and cutter case, flask, and a five cigar case, doesn’t feature any wood, but instead, a nice subdued green lining that pairs well with the antique olive-colored leather.

The three cigar cases, however, have options where you can get “Leather & Wood” which is mostly made of leather, with wood accents on the bottom on top, or “Wood & Leather” which flips those two around.

  • Antique Olive Leather and Wood “Show Band” 3 Cigar Case (Leather & Wood) — $170
  • Antique Olive Leather and Wood “Show Band” 3 Cigar Case (Wood & Leather) — $220
  • Antique Olive Leather and Wood Havana Traveler — $550
  • Antique Olive Leather and Wood The “Eternal” Double Soft Flame Lighter — $150
  • Antique Olive Leather and Wood Venezia Lighter — $210
  • Antique Olive Leather and Wood Gatsby Lighter — $230

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: July 2023

Brizard & Co. Cuba Libre Havana Traveler

Inspired by the Cuban flag, the Cuba Libra Havana Traveler has a case for both a cutter and lighter, along with a flask and five-cigar case. Eventually, this theme will be available as a full collection of accessories.

MSRP: $750

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: July 2023

Brizard & Co. Marble Humidor

For a long time, Brizard experimented with marble to finish his humidors but could never get material that worked like he wanted it to. An avid D.I.Y. enthusiast, Brizard was remodeling part of his home the week before the show and, while cutting some tile, was inspired to use that same material on a humidor.

The end result was the marble-style humidor he had been wanting to create was a reality. He brought that humidor to the show and had plenty of interest, proving his intuition correct on the design.

MSRP: $1,200

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: July 2023

Brizard & Co. Olive Wood and Ebony Humidor

As mentioned above, Brizard was experimenting with olive wood for some new designs and created this checkerboard pattern humidor using a lighter olive wood and the almost-black ebony for the top. The sides of the humidor use the company’s Antique Olive Leather as a finish and will hold 80-90 cigars.

MSRP: $1,500

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: July 2023

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