There are always a large number of cigar accessory companies at the show, though not all of them fall into the luxury cigar accessory category.

Brizard & Co. is certainly one of the luxury accessory companies. It’s also a booth that I always look forward to seeing each year as its product line is an impressive smorgasbord of high-quality leather and wood products put together in a cohesive accessory set for whatever color or material combination somebody might be in the market for.

Owner Cyril Brizard was kind enough to take some time to show me all the new products, telling me about all their details, and then introducing his nephew who put together a video showing the craftsmanship that goes into their products.


Wood and Leather Collection

Previously, most of the Brizard & Co. products were either leather or wood, but this new line marries the two with specific color and wood combinations that compliment each other. The series offers three-cigar cases, their Venezia Premium lighter, or the Sottile thin lighter. The wood and leather combinations are Bleached Oak and Blue, Zebrawood and Red, Curley Walnut and Orange, and Gunmetal and Green.

  • Cigar Case (3-cigar) — $220
  • Sottile (Thin Premium Lighter) — $170
  • Venezia Premium (Fountain Flame Lighter) — $200

Release Date: July 2022

Production: Regular Production

Python and Purple Limited Edition Cigar Case

This year’s limited edition case is made up of python skin and purple-dyed leather. Specifically, the shade of purple is the same shade that Rolls Royce uses, so if you ever needed to match your cigar accessories with your luxury car, you’re now set.

MSRP: $230

Release Date: July 2022

Production: 150 Cases

(Gallery: Brizard & Co Hacienda Bleached Oak and Blue 1.JPG, 2, and 3)

Bleached Oak and Blue Humidor

The Bleached Oak and Blue Humidor shares features with the Hacienda line, including the magnetic lid for your humidification and hygrometer, along with the 360-degree airflow design. As a side note, a happy accident happened when designing the humidor, where the leather accent around the seal of the humidor actually molded to the lid, which is quite heavy, making the already impressive seal that much more airtight.

  • Bleached Oak and Blue Humidor 60-70 Count — $950
  • Bleached Oak and Blue Humidor 150 Count — $1550

Positano Collection Humidor

The Positano Collection Humidor finds its inspiration from the town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the classic boats you see there. The lid uses African mahogany, turquoise leather around the sides with white leather accents, and boat cleats as handles.

  • Positano Collection Humidor 60-70 Count — $950
  • Positano Collection Humidor 150 Count — $1550

Release Date: July 2022

Production: Regular Production

Mahogany Interiors For All Humidors

Another thing that Brizard & Co. started offering this year is mahogany interiors for their humidors instead of Spanish cedar. This was the direct result of a request at Davidoff stores, with the reasoning being that mahogany doesn’t impart the same flavor that storing cigars in a Spanish cedar-lined humidor does, while still maintaining the ability to regulate humidity by retaining moisture. The photo above is a humidor from the Bali Collection, though Brizard noted that this could be done for any of their humidors by request.

J.C. Newman The American Limited Edition Case by Brizard & Co

Finally, Brizard & Co. teamed up with J.C. Newman to create a case specifically themed for The American cigar line. It comes with three The American Robustos, and is only offered to retailers who carry The American line. The line is of course made in the U.S. at J.C. Newman’s factory, El Reloj, with 100% tobacco grown in the U.S., so it only made sense that a cigar case that was also manufactured in the U.S. be a fitting accessory for the line. As mentioned above, Cyril Brizard’s nephew, Andréa Tubiana Brizard, created a video about the manufacturing process of The American Limited Edition Case.

One of the details that Brizard pointed out, which you can see in the video and in the above photo, is the interior of the lid for the case was sanded down so that a strip of the same trim from The American boxes could be used without sitting proud and rubbing on the bottom part of the case.

MSRP: $250

Production: 250 Cases

Release Date: July 2022

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