Next month, Joya de Nicaragua’s most storied brand will return to shelves.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clásico is one of the company’s most important brands from a historical perspective, but it has rarely been sold during the last 15 years. As part of Joya de Nicaragua’s 55th anniversary, the company is bringing the cigar back in four sizes.

  • Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Original Robusto (5 x 50) — $8.25 (Box of 25, $206.25)
  • Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Original Toro (6 x 50) — (Box of 25, $218.75)
  • Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Original Churchill (6 7/8 x 48) — $9 (Box of 25, $225)
  • Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Original Torpedo (6 x 52) — $9.25 (Box of 25, $231.25)

Blend-wise, Clásico Original uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers. The company says the wrapper is the same as Joya’s highly-rated Número Uno line, but the two blends differ in the internal tobaccos.

Joya de Nicaragua used to offer the Clásico line to retailers but phased it out around 2008-2009. Since then, it has sporadically offered the Clásico to large catalog accounts but not to brick-and-mortar stores. The Clásico Original will be offered to retailers that are part of the company’s Club de Amigos of Joya de Nicaragua, a retailer loyalty program.

“If a new smoker asks me ‘What cigar should I start with?’ I always suggest the Clásico,” says Juan Martinez, executive president of Joya de Nicaragua, in a press release. “It’s a cigar that welcomes you to this incredible world in the most delicate way. In fact, this was the first cigar I ever tried. In that vein, this is a gift to America’s new generation of cigar smokers, so they can begin to understand the legacy that this very special Nicaraguan cigar carries with it.”

Clásico gained notoriety during the 1970s when it became the official cigar of the Nixon White House.

Joya de Nicaragua is distributed in the U.S. by Drew Estate.

Update (July 21, 2023) — Joya de Nicaragua has issued new pricing for two of the vitolas.

Update (July 25, 2023) — Joya de Nicaragua has provided new images of the updated packaging.

Update (July 28, 2023) — Joya de Nicaragua has issued new pricing, again.

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