Daniel Marshall had a well-placed booth off the main front aisle, and as always had some eye-catching humidors that makes you want to stop and find out more information. The two new humidors Marshall had on display are both very unique, but very different.

Daniel Marshall Jose Fuster 1

José Fuster
The first humidor is the José Fuster 125-count humidor. While visiting Cuba, Marshall had the chance to visit with Fuster at his house, Casa Fuster. The property and house are all covered in tile that has Fuster’s art on them. Bringing ten of these tiles back with him, Marshall is embedding them in the tops of humidors.

Daniel Marshall Jose Fuster 2

Each tile is different, so when you order it he will email you photos of what tiles are available so you can choose which one you want.

Retailing at $1,195, there are currently only 10 tiles available, though he said he was working on getting more tiles.

Terminator Genysis
The second humidor that was front and center in the booth was the Terminator Genysis humidor. Limited to 10 pieces, the Terminator Vista T800 skull used is made by Legacy Studios who created the props for the movie, so it’s an exact replica of the movie props.

Daniel Marshall Terminator Genisys 1

Marshall was able to get these because of his relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who he worked with on this project to benefit Schwarzenegger’s After School All Stars Charity with all proceeds from the sale will go to the charity.

Daniel Marshall Terminator Genisys 2

The humidor is Marshall’s Presidential Finish which uses American woods, a 165-count and will retail at $15,000. It also comes with the press booklet for the movie and will come with 13 Daniel Marshall Red Label Churchills, which was Schwarzenegger’s signature cigar he gave out when he was Governor of California.

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