The name of a new cigar from Don Doroteo translates to The Mayor from Spanish.

El Alcalde is a 6 1/4 x 52 belicoso made up of an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and binder covering a filler blend of tobaccos grown in Brazil and the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic. According to the company, the El Alcaldes were rolled in 2008 at the La Aurora Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic, meaning the cigars are more than 15-years-old.

The new cigar will have an MSRP of $29.75 eachor $148.75 for a five-count box. In an email, Lugo told halfwheel that there were only 3,000 cigars made, for a total of 600 five-count boxes.

The new limited edition was created to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Doroteo Fermin Delgado, grandfather of Juan Lugo, who is the founder of Don Doroteo Cigars. In a press release, Delgado is described as having “humble beginnings as a young tobacco farmer” before eventually becoming town mayor of El Caimito Afuera in La Vega, Dominican Republic.

“My grandfather and his example will always be a guiding light for me,” said Lugo in a press release. “Coming from poverty and with little education, he was able to become a respected tobacco grower, and a leader within his community. This cigar is in honor of his accomplishments. El Alcalde is a blend that has gone through extensive aging (15 years), and we are confident that it will be well received.”

According to Don Doroteo, El Alcalde will debut during the 2024 PCA Convention & Trade Show, which takes place next week in Las Vegas and boxes are schedlueld to begin shipping right after the show ends.

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