January 19, 2023

Casdagli Setting Up Its Own U.S. Distribution Company

Casdagli’s Naples, Fla.-based distribution operation is expected to open on March 1.

Wyoming Senate Passes Cigar Tax Cap, Bill Now Heads to the House

The average cigar would decrease in cost between $1-$2 if the bill passes.

2022 Awards: Packaging Top 10

Historically, this list relies on the human senses of sight and feel, but our 2022 list made us use another one of our senses.

Watch: Packaging Awards 2022 (12:00 P.M. CST)

Brooks, Patrick and I will unveil the Packaging Top 10 for 2022. And you can watch and listen live.

Bill Seeks to Ban Sale of Flavored Tobacco, Vape Products in New Mexico

If passed, New Mexico would become the third state with a ban on flavored tobacco sales.

Cohiba Siglo de Oro Celebrates Year of the Rabbit

The Siglo de Oro is also the first Cuban cigar to feature an NFC in the box.