March 17, 2015

Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro

Jordan Alexander III is a fairly new company, only having launched its first cigar in 2013. But in August of 2014 the company announced a complete...
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Rocky Patel Edge Celebrates 10th Anniversary

There’s a new Rocky Patel Edge cigar arriving next month that commemorates the cigar’s 10th anniversary. It wouldn’t be terribly unexpected—the company is honoring a...
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Elite Cigar Cafe Lands San Lotano Oval Connecticut Petite Robusto

There’s a new vitola in the San Lotano Oval Connecticut line and it’s exclusive to Elite Cigar Cafe in Addison, Texas. The new size is a 4...
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Sherman, Texas Smoking Ban Likely

Both the Sherman City Council and the city’s mayor have requested a ban that would prohibit smoking in bars and restaurants the north Texas city....
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Madison, Conn. Considering Smoking Ban in Parks and Beaches

Madison, Conn., a coastal town located on the state’s southern coast, will soon be considering a smoking ban for its parks and beaches after the...
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