January 22, 2014

L’Atelier Selection Spéciale Robusto Headed to Events

Fans of the L’Atelier LAT46 Selection Spéciale will have one more reason to attend L’Atelier events, the company is making a robusto version of its...
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Cabañas Perfectos

Founded by Francisco Cabaòas and first registered in 1810, Cabañas is thought to be the oldest brand in the long history of Cuban cigars. Originally handmade and...
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Miami Cigar & Co. Super Selection Football Events Coming To NY/NJ

Aiming to capitalize on Super Bowl XLVIII, Miami Cigar & Co. has planned 10 events and a special sampler for stores in the New York...
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Grand Prairie, Texas Passes Smoking Ban

Smoking in restaurants, arenas and city facilities in Grand Prairie will be banned after the Dallas suburb’s City Council voted unanimously in favor of the...
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Montecristo Sublimes (EL 2008)

In 2008, Habanos S.A. released the sixth of what is now eight Edición Limitadas for the Montecristo brand., the Sublimes. The 6 1/2 x 54...
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Streetsboro, Ohio Divided On Proposed Smoking Ban

The city of Streetsboro, Ohio is split on a possible ban on smoking on all city property. Councilman John Ruediger has asked the City Council to...
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Price Increases Not Expected For Ten Companies

While it might seem like cigar prices are increasing across the board, for every company that is raising prices, about one seems to be avoiding...
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St. Joseph, Mo. Voters To Decide Smoking Ban

The fight over smoking in St. Joseph, Mo. will go on. Less than a month after the City Council refused to enact a smoking ban,...
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