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United Cigars

Red Anchor The Admiral

Originally a Dutch cigar brand packed in tins, this version of the Red Anchor brand is made at the Hendrik Kelner Jr.’s Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic.

Bandolero Firecracker

Not only does United Cigars distribute the Firecracker Series, it distributes the company that made the 2022 installment.

La Mezcla Cubana Rothschild

La Mezcla Cubana was started by Victor Vitale, a cigar distributor based in the northeast U.S. It was purchased by United Cigars, another northeast-based cigar distributor, who relauanched it earlier this year.

The Wise Man Maduro Firecracker

Summer means warm and sunny days, vacations, and since 2007, the newest release in a series of short and fairly potent cigars. That’s the year…

Abuelo Nieto

Family is an important part of many cigar manufacturer’s businesses, and as such, there have been a multitude of cigar lines and releases over the…

El Tallo

If you want to spark up an interesting and potentially passionate conversation amongst cigar smokers, bring up the topic of stems in cigars. Undoubtedly, some…


Almost two years ago Barry Stein’s KILO project officially launched. It was long in the making, with Stein starting on it in 2013, having two unofficial…


In 2013, when former blogger Barry Stein was working at Miami Cigar & Co., he started working on a cigar of his own called the…