Leaf by Oscar

Leaf By Omar

In October 2018, Pittsburgh-based “Island” Jim Robinson’s Leaf & Bean Strip cigar shop released the latest addition in its Leaf by line, a series of cigars...
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Leaf by Omar

It is not every day—or even every year—that a cigar store blend becomes popular enough to sell to a nationwide audience, but that is exactly...
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Leaf by James

In recent memory, there are few cigar lines that have gained the seemingly near-instant notoriety of the Leaf by Oscar. The cigar went from being...
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The Woody by Oscar

As long-time readers of halfwheel are likely aware, April Fool’s Day affords us the chance to do serious reviews of not-so-serious products. In years past, it’s...
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Leaf by Oscar Maduro Lancero

In mid-October, news began to surface that the Leaf by Oscar line, the one that his been gaining a groundswell of attention over the past...
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