Smoking Bans

Frisco, Texas Approves Restaurant Smoking Rooms

You soon might be able to smoke at a restaurant in the Dallas suburb of Frisco. The North Texas city approved a change to its...
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Montgomery County, Md. Expands Smoking Ban

On Tuesday, the Montgomery County Council voted unanimously in favor of an expansion to its smoking ban that will prohibit smoking in the outdoor areas...
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Alton, Illinois Approves Smoking Ban Exemption for Tobacco Stores

A vote by the Alton City Council on Wednesday could soon have cigar smokers lighting up in their local retailer. The council approved what amounts...
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Oklahoma Cigar Shops Could Lose Smoking Ban Exemption

An Oklahoma legislator has introduced a bill that would remove an exemption for cigar shops and cigar bars from the state’s Workplace Clean Air Act,...
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Rome, Ga. Bans Smoking in Downtown Core

A ban on smoking and vaping is coming to the downtown core of Rome, Ga. after the city commission approved an ordinance on Monday by...
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Colorado’s Cigar Shops Could Lose Smoking Ban Exemption

A bill introduced into the Colorado Legislature is taking aim at exemptions to the state’s smoking ban, and could cost cigar smokers the ability to...
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San Marcos, Calif. Bans Smoking in Parks

Smoking will no longer be allowed in the parks and around city facilities in San Marcos, Calif. A vote on Tuesday removed the smoking areas...
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Iowa Bill Would Remove Casino Exemption from Smoking Ban

A piece of legislation in Iowa is seeking to remove casinos from the state’s indoor clean air laws, meaning that lighting up a cigar over...
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Elon, N.C. Bans Smoking on Downtown Streets

Smoking on some of Elon, N.C.’s most traveled streets are about to become a thing of the past. On Tuesday, the town’s Board of Aldermen...
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Burlington, N.C. Makes Parks Tobacco Free

At its most recent meeting, the Burlington City Council voted unanimouly in favor of enacting a ban on the use of all tobacco products as...
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Connecticut Congressman Seeks More Cigar Bars

A Connecticut state congressman has filed a bill that seeks to allow for the expansion, change in location and establishment of tobacco bars in the...
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