Smoking Bans

Manhattan, Kan. Approves Exemption to Allow Smoking in Cigar Shops

Cigar lounges could soon be able to allow their customers to light up inside.

Florida Governor Signs Bill Allowing Beach and Park Smoking Bans, Premium Cigars Exempted

Cities and counties are now able to enact their own smoking bans, but they can’t ban smoking cigars.

Report: Mexico Plans to Ban Smoking in Most Public Areas, New Tobacco Advertising Restrictions

Mexico is set to get very restrictive smoking and tobacco advertising laws. The move is the latest in a series of anti-tobacco initiatives from the Mexican government.

New Iberia, La. Passes Smoking Ban; Cigar Shops & Bars Exempted

This week, the New Iberia City Council passed an ordinance by a 4-3 vote that will ban smoking in a number of public places, including…

Pennsylvania Bill Would Ban Smoking at Casinos

A pair of legislators plan have announced a bill that would ban smoking and vaping in Pennsylvania’s casinos.

Knoxville, Tenn. Bans Smoking at City Property, Parks

The use of tobacco products—including smoking, vaping and smokeless—is now banned on city property in Knoxville, Tenn.

Florida House Approves Bill Allowing for Beach and Park Smoking Bans, Premium Cigars Exempted (Update)

Today, the Florida House of Representatives passed HB 105, a bill that will allow counties and municipalities to enact legislation to limit smoking in public…

Somerset, Ky. Rejects Proposal for Cigar Bars

The Somerset City Council was set to vote today on a proposal that would have modified the southern Kentucky city’s smoking ordinance to allow for…

Coventry, Conn. Bans Smoking on Town Property

With a unanimous 6-0 vote on Monday, the Coventry Town Council passed a ban on the smoking of tobacco and cannabis products on town-owned property….

Vernon, Conn. Bans Smoking in Parks, Town-Owned Properties

In response to concerns over the “congregation of large and disruptive crowds” in town-owned parks, Vernon, Conn. has banned smoking on all town-owned properties. It…

Louisville, Ky. Council Votes Against Cigar Bars

Cigar bars will remain banned in Louisville, Ky. Yesterday, the Lousiville Metro Council voted 11-15 on a cigar bar ordinance. Because the measure failed to…