Smoking Bans

Bristol Township, Pa. Bans Smoking in Parks

This week, the Bristol Township Council modified its existing laws to extend its existing smoking ban to the township’s parks. While the full ordinance has...
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Jackson, Mich. Bans Smoking in Parks

Earlier this week, the Jackson City Council passed an ordinance that will ban and the use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes in the city’s parks...
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Shreveport, La. Delays Smoking Ban Implementation by One Year for Casinos

In mid-June, the Shreveport City Council passed a ban on smoking and vaping in city parks as well as bars and most businesses, including casinos,...
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Napa, Calif. Passes First Reading of Flavored Tobacco Ban, Parks Smoking Ban

This week, the Napa City Council passed the first reading of an agenda item that will reform a number of aspects of tobacco consumption, namely...
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Malibu, Calif. Plans Smoking Ban for Parks, Open Spaces

The Malibu City Council voted unanimously in favor of an extension to its smoking ban that would prohibit smoking in city parks and open spaces....
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Madison County, Ind. Moving Forward With Smoking Ban, Cigar Bars Exempted

The Madison County Health Board voted in favor of expanding the Indiana smoking ban to cover the indoor areas of all businesses except cigar bars....
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Upland, Calif. Bans Smoking in City-Owned Places

Upland, Calif. has banned smoking and vaping at all city-owned property, parks, venues and city-hosted events. City-owned buildings that are used for private events will...
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Shreveport, La. Bans Smoking in Parks, Bars and Casinos

On Tuesday night, the Shreveport City Council passed the second and final reading of an ordinance that will ban smoking and vaping in city parks...
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Yorktown, N.Y. Bans Smoking in Parks

A parks smoking and vaping ban is now in effect in Yorktown, and according to a press release from the city, its roots can be...
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Polson, Mont. Bans Tobacco Use in Parks

This week, the Polson City Council gave final approval to an ordinance that will prohibit the use of tobacco and vaping products in all city...
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Shreveport, La. Considers Banning Smoking in Bars, Parks & More

On Tuesday, the Shreveport City Council will take up a measure that would expand the city’s smoking ban to cover most businesses, as well as...
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