Smoking Bans

California Beach & Parks Smoking Ban Bill Signed by Governor

On Friday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that bans smoking on state-owned beaches and within the state’s park system. S.B. 8...
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Lewiston, Maine Bans Smoking in Parks

Smoking in the parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities of Lewiston is a thing of the past, as this week the city council unanimously approved an...
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Franklin, N.H. Raises Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21, Bans Tobacco Use in Parks

At its most recent meeting, the Franklin City Council approved a pair of anti-tobacco ordinances, raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-years-old...
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Crawfordsville, Ind. Bans Smoking in Parks

At its meeting on Monday, the Crawfordsville Common Council passed a proposal to ban smoking at all city parks that will go into effect immediately...
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New Britain, Conn. Bans Smoking in Parks and City-Owned Properties

At its meeting on Wednesday, New Britain’s Common Council passed a ban on the use of tobacco in all forms—including e-cigarettes—as well as the use...
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Michigan Legislators Introduce Beach Smoking Ban Bills

A pair of Michigan legislators have introduced bills into the legislature that seek to ban smoking on any state-owned beaches. On Tuesday, HB 4936 was...
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California State Assembly Approves Beaches and Parks Smoking Ban (Update)

The California State Legislature has once again passed a bill that seeks to ban smoking within state-owned parks and beaches,as legislators hope that a new...
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Redondo Beach, Calif. Gives First Approval to Citywide Smoking Ban, Tobacco Retailer Permit

In the near future, it could very likely get a lot harder to smoke in Redondo Beach, as on Tuesday the city council unanimously approved...
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Saco, Maine Bans Tobacco on All City-Owned Property

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Saco City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that will make all city-owned properties completely tobacco and smoke free, prohibiting...
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Woodburn, Ore. Bans Tobacco Use in Parks

A ban on the use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and other inhalant systems, was approved by the Woodburn City Council at its most recent...
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Dwight, Illinois Bans Tobacco Use in Parks

Responding to a presentation by high school students, the Dwight Village Board of Trustees has passed a ban on the use of tobacco within parks...
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