BLÜME Humidifier Heading to Indiegogo (Update)


Cigar Zen has launched a Indiegogo campaign for a new humidifier, BLÜME.

Like many products that take to Indiegogo or Kickstarter, BLÜME seeks to raise money for tackling a problem in a different way than many similar products on the market. In this case, it’s bringing atomized water vapor into a consumer friendly product along with app connectivity.


It’s an active, battery-powered humidifier made for desktop humidors. Not something particularly remarkable, but what sets it apart is that Cigar Zen claims the water vapor will be atomized via ultrasonic waves and then sent into the humidor. Ultrasonic humidifiers are not new to either cigar or non-cigar use, but finding one for desktop humidors is new.

Most active consumer-grade are evaporative meaning they use a fan to blow air onto a large bed of water forcing the water molecules up. Ultrasonic transducers are able to put out tiny drops of water that oftentimes can look like a fog machine. The advantage is that the smaller size of the water vapor means it can more evenly humidify a space.

Beyond the humidifier, the device will able to be paired with an iOS or Android app so that users can track and adjust humidity.

Power is handled via a rechargeable battery which the company says will last for roughly a month in between charges. The unit is able to hold 8.45 ounces of water.

BLÜME measures 8.18 inches x 2.45 x 3.06 and will come with two different top pieces: leather or carbon fiber. In addition, a Indiegogo exclusive version with a gold base will be offered for $995.

Pricing through Indiegogo will range from $195-245 for the non-gold versions depending on how early you order. Cigar Zen anticipates shipping the product in Q3 of 2017.

The company originally intended for the product to launch on Kickstarter, but because of Kickstarter’s strict ban on tobacco-related products, it has moved to Indiegogo, a similar crowdfunding platform.

Update (Nov. 8) — The campaign has launched. This story was originally published on Oct. 20.

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