Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust plans on introducing a new, potentially controversial line later this year, as well as a new Muestra de Saka release.

While Steve Saka, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, shared a few details about the cigars, most of the details remain unknown. At TPE 2021 Saka confirmed the Muestra de Saka Krakatoa is coming later this year and announced Stillwell Star, a new line from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust.

Stillwell Star is a new four-size regular production line from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. While blend details and price points are unknown, Saka is predicting that this “will be the most controversial cigar released in 2021.” Saka didn’t elaborate about why the cigar would earn that status, but he did say the “blend makes you feel very relaxed (and) content.”

Interestingly, all four sizes are supposed to measure 6 x 52 and will be packaged in boxes of 13.

Saka also confirmed the Muestra de Saka Krakatoa, part of the ongoing Muestra de Saka releases. While he didn’t disclose the blend, he did confirm it will come in coffins and packaged in boxes of seven.

As for the name, it’s a reference to a volcano located in between Indonesian islands. In 1883, the volcano erupted killing over 35,000 people and submerged itself into the sea, though there have been subsequent eruptions underwater and have created new islands. Saka says the new cigar is strong and peppery.

While the cigar was originally scheduled for a spring release, due to packaging delays, Saka now anticipates the cigar to be released in November.

Charlie Minato contributed to this story.

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